Language- Spanish

Hello- Hola

Good bye- Adios

Thank you- Gracias

Currency- Euro

Seville, Spain– (September 2018) Seville can get super hot and super crowded – but when we went in September it wasn’t as crowded but in the evenings it definitely felt like someone had a hot blow dryer blowing in my face!

Alcazar Palace– if you are a game of thrones fan- this is the water gardens of Dorne- it’s beautiful and well worth the visit- it is not a super big place so take your time and explore the gardens and make sure to find the baths of Dona Maria de Padilla- there are usually long lines and make sure it’s open first- get tickets a head of time if you can

Baths of Dona Maria de Padilla

Seville Cathedral – largest gothic cathedral- its right by Alcazar Palace

Plaza de Espana– take a walk through the plaza- on our walk we saw an awesome flamenco show in the streets and met the most amazing tree!

Get tickets to a flamenco show, drink sangrias, eat Jamon, walk around with a gelato in your hand – and soak it all in

Madrid, Spain- (September 2019) we only spent a day in Madrid but did go to the Royal Palace and it was way more amazing than we thought it would be – one of the best palaces I have ever been in- you could not take photos inside but each room really blew us away- the no photos made everyone so present and had a nice flow- for sure check it out

Granada, Spain- (September 2019) we flew into Granada from Madrid and you could instantly smell olives when you got off the plane – in the winter you can ski in Granada and we will for sure be back to do some skiing for Joe! We really loved Granada and so far it is our favorite city in Spain – it was quieter and in the mountains- it had such a laid back vibe

Alhambra- this is a must see in Granada- it supposed be one or the most beautiful palace/ castle in the world – they only let a limited amount of people in a day- so book ahead- and when they say book ahead they fricken mean months ahead!!! We tired a couple weeks ahead and everything was sold out for months- so book months ahead !! Cause we tired everything and could not get in – ugh!!!! So instead we had the most romantic dinner over looking the Alhambra – there are many restaurants with great views

Royal Chapel & Granada Cathedral– these two are right next to each other along with lots of shops for shopping and music in the streets

Sacromonte- you gotta check out this area- it’s known as the Gypsy quarter- great for sunsets and the flamenco dancing is in caves and are the real deal!!! The houses are all white and has it’s own vibe- you can get drinks and watch the sunset before your flamenco show

We also loved all the street music in Granada- there is a public bus that can get you around and of course eat everything!!

Joe loves his paella

Ronda, Spain- (September 2018) this place was magical- it’s perched on a plateau with amazing sunsets and views- lots of hiking, eating, shopping and relaxing- our hotel even had a beer vending machine Joe loved to get a beer on his way to our room ! I do not support bull fighting but Ronda has the oldest bull fighting ring in Spain

Best salad ever! Ordered it everyday