Language- Tagalog

Hello- Kamusta

Good Bye- Paalam

Currency- Philippine Peso

Thank you- Salamat

Angeles City- (May 2002) I was born in Angeles City Philippines and most of my mother side of the family still lives here- we moved when I was 2 years old – the first time I returned back was May 2002 -it was the first time I had ever traveled to SE Asia- I remember getting off the plane and feeling the heat and feeling like I stepped into another world -no one really spoke English as the kids were very young- everyone was so kind and we went to Baguio City and the beach of Ollongapo – the mode of transportation is a Jeepney- it’s a small fun decorated bus that has seats on the sides- we fit like 50 people on there and had to have people jump out when we went up hills- they brought a feast of food and it was such an awesome day

Angeles City- (October 2015) this time we got to go to the Philippines with my mom, grandmother, husband, sister and sisters partner Mateo- it was so amazing to see family- and finally introduce my husband and sister to everyone! everyone was older now and spoke English- we were there to celebrate my cousin jack jacks 18th birthday

Jacqueline’s 18th birthday party

Palawan – (October 2015) what a quiet gorgeous clear blue water island – we didn’t make it all the way up to El Nido which I wish we did but we spent 3 days in Puerto Princess- we did a snorkel trip, zipline and under ground river bat cave- we had the beach all to ourselves every morning with the island dogs

Our sweet island dog

Angeles City– (October 2015) then we flew back to Angeles City to celebrate my mom and joes birthday- our friend from Australia Hayden joined us with his buddy Sean from New Zealand- they got such a fun home stay experience- my mom took us to the morning market, we celebrated joe and my moms birthday with lots of food and karaoke and also went out to the bars one night