Language- Nepali

Hello- Namaskara

Good bye- Alavida

Thank you- Dhan yavada

Currency- Nepalese rupee

Kathmandu- (February 2018) We stayed in the Thamel district -the hotels have water filling stations to cut down on plastic and don’t expect hot water everytime you wanna shower- there are a lot of cabs you can hire for the day to take you around – agree on price before hand- the roads can be slow and dusty and we found walking around the smell of motorcycle exhaust was overwhelming- this was the first time we ever bought and wore a mask- and then used it in Delhi India as well- we visited Swayambhu also known as money temple & Patan Burbar Square

Monkey temple
Buddha’s eyes
You should use your right hand and spin a prayer wheel clockwise
Monkey temple
Putan Burbar Square

We also ate a lot of Dal Bhat and Momos- the shopping was amazing- we learnt that each prayer wheel has a roll of printed mantras- also the electric wires blew our mind

Bhaktapur- only 40 mins from Kathmandu is Bhaktapur- highly recommend spending the night here – there is a lot of pottery making here, wood carving, and painting – there are a lot of art classes to take here if you are interested- joe and I did wood carving- it’s a lot quieter here than busy Kathmandu- we walked everywhere- we explored Nyatapola Square, Potters Square, & 55 window palace

Wood carving class

Everyone raves about the yogurt here- and we were like well it’s just yogurt how good can it be? Oh my gosh it was amazing- as rich and creamy as ice cream with soft pieces that were like cake on top- it’s called Juju Dhau- and you will crave it forever!!!! Here is how it is made

Puppies liking empty yogurt dishes

Nagarkot– we also took the bus to Nagarkot for the day- here you have great views of the Himalayas and if you want a super quiet place to slow down this the place

Pokhara- we took a bus to Pokhara where we decided to hike a section of the Annapurna Mountains – Pokhara was such a chill town along the lake – we walked along Lake Pewa and rented bikes to explore even more – there was lots of great restaurants and gear for sale if you forgot anything

Lake Pewa

Poon Hill Trek- through our hotel we booked our private guide Jun- I actually feel in love with his mother in law the night before- she had a little store across from our hotel and I would go hang with her and get snacks- the next morning when we came out with Jun she goes that’s my son in law! you can also do the hike on your own but we love supporting locals and it’s more fun! It was a 4 day 3 night trek- I can’t remember how much we paid but Jun took care of our guest houses and food along the way as well- it was such an amazing hike and experience- sunset at the top of Poon Hill overlooking the Himalayas – I loved treking though all the villages and staying at the guesthouses- you walk through a rhododendron forest for a while- in the spring and that would be magnificent to see! Here is the link to our Poon Hill Trek video

Our guide Jim
Rhododendron forest

Paragliding- we decided it was time to Paraglide! We ran off a side of a cliff- soaring with the birds! It’s was the scariest coolest thing we have ever done- they have go pros and film everything for you- you land down at lake Pewa