Language- Arabic

Hello- Salaam Aleikum (peace be upon you)

Good bye- Bsslama

Thank you- Shukran

Currency- Moroccan Dirham

Chefchaouen– (October 2018) knows as the blue city – it’s a small town that sits high up in the Rif Mountains- I love mountain towns- they are always so laid back and relaxing- Morocco can be so busy so I recommend checking out Chefchaouen to get a more laid back feel- we came from Spain so took the ferry and then grabbed a cab- it’s about 4 hours north of Fes- cash is king so bring cash

We stayed in the Medina- and did a lot of shopping and exploring – we stayed in a cave house- it was super cute and the owners were so friendly- it had a great rooftop for sunsets and hanging- the family even came up to finish their laundry and have dessert and gave us some

There a lot of cats and amazing doorways- we ate a lot of Tagine and couscous- got some henna done and there was always music in the main square where the restaurants are

Hike up to the Spanish Mosque- it’s a 30 min hike up with great sunsets and views of the city- there is even a river restaurant where you eat in the river on the way to the hiking path to the mosque

Fes, Morocco– (October 2018) we arrived in Fes and met up with our friends Hayden and Kirsty who live in Australia- we have known Hayden for a long time but this was our first time meeting Kirsty- she’s a gem and we loved her! the place we were staying was inside the walled city- it’s made up of over 9,000 labyrinth narrow alleyways- which makes it super easy to get lost in! But is super cool – We hired a guide to take us around which seemed the easiest thing to do- it would have taken us a while to find everything- inside the walled city is such a maze- he took us to the tannery, rug shop, place we could buy a moroccan light, a mosque and took us to the best lunch spot we had on our whole trip – there is a super strong hussle in Morocco so agree on things upfront

Essaouria, Morocco – (October 2018) we took a train ride from Fes to Essaouria and it took about 7 hours- it was long!!! Make sure to get in a cabin with AC cause as you get closer to the ocean it gets warm fast- we stayed at a cute hostel called Chill Out Hostel- loved the vibe and had everything you needed – there are so many cats here- we had dinner with like 10 cats each night- this place has lots of kite surfing as well- the water was too cold to swim in being October but we enjoyed exploring this chill laid back beach town

Marrakech, Morocco- (October 2018) wander around the Medina- there is so much amazing shopping and food- we just had one day here and then headed out into the desert- i did love how the square in the middle was so open- a change from the maze and labyrinths- we sat at a restaurant overlooking the square and took it all in

Sahara Desert- we booked through – it was the best tour ever!! Our guide was pretty late so it worried us a bit but he made it to our hostel and off we went- we stopped in the Atlas Mountains and at an old city where they filmed part of Game of Thrones – for lunch Ali our tour guide took us to his families house for Moroccan version of pizza and we shopped at his brothers store and got scarves that he wrapped our head with – they were all so kind it was such an incredible experience

Then Ali drove us into the desert where we got on camels and slept in the desert- the camel took us to these beautiful camps where we sand boarded, ate diner , had a fire with drumming and singing, drank wine under the shooting stars and had our own canopy hut with a bed and bathroom – it was magical I totally cried – next morning was sunrise and breakfast before hopping back in the camel to car- it was the best way to end our Morocco trip