Language- Lao

Hello- Sabaidi

Good bye – La Gon

Thank you- Khop Jai

Currency – Lao Kip

Vientiane- (January 2017) the capital and largest city in Laos- located on the banks of the Mekong River- we took a 8 hour train ride from Bangkok- there were so many people coming off and on the train selling food- that made it so fun and yummy- we got to Vientiane and loved the mix of French and Asian food- very strong French influence here cause the French had control for awhile- so you can find great breads & coffee here

Xieng Khuan also known as Buddha park- joe saw that you could climb inside the mouth and wanted to check it out- we took a public bus back and forth from this park for super cheap – but everything in Laos is super cheap

Wat Ho Phra Keo- a beautiful Buddhist temple- we also got some amazing food everywhere we went- we really loved how laid lack Laos was

Vang Vieng- (January 2017) this small town is known for its tubing and night life – we got into town by bus a bit late so rented a motorbike and headed to Blue Lagoon instead of tubing- the ride was beyond gorgeous- the farms and mountains- it was so quiet and bumpy

That night we found a hammock bar where we drank beers and watched the sunset

Tubing down the Nam Song River- back in the day there uses to be so many bars along this river- they would throw a rope at you and pull you into the bar- sadly they had many deaths so now only have a couple bars along the way- it’s much quieter than it used to be- you can rent tubes right in town and they drive you to the river- you end right back at the tubing rental- just a short walk

Luang Prabang- (January 2017) this is why we came to Laos- we really wanted to explore Kuang Si Waterfalls – the water is gorgeous here- there are so many pools and areas to explore- we were here for 4 hours swimming and exploring – I would come back here in a heartbeat

Cannot remember what temple this was but we also watched the sunset from the top- it was a nice climb to the top- it was super busy but beautiful