Language- English

Currency- Jamaican dollar

Montego Bay- (December 2011) my girlfriend Donia lives in Montego Bay- so she picked us up from the airport and we stayed with her and her family- it was so wonderful to catch up with her – this was the fist time I have ever been in a car driving on he left side of the road- took me a moment to get used to it! When planning a trip to Jamaica remember it’s an island and getting gas is not easy which makes it expensive to get transportation- so budget that factor in


Ocho Rios– (December 2011) Donia was so kind and drove us to Ocho Rios- we stayed right on the beach- the beaches are white sand and beautiful blue water- not good snorkeling though- it was close to Christmas, so there was lots of locals trying to sell us everything – I think most people stay at all inclusive resorts because we really didn’t see any other tourist on the streets- so everyone was coming up to us and it became overwhelming at times – there are so many drivers and guides and people selling weed- you can get anything you want in Jamaica without even trying – the weed is a little wet though as Jamaica is a humid country

Bob Marley’s house– (December 2011) we met Shabba on the beach and he became our driver for the whole time we were in Ocho Rios- he drove us into the St Ann Mountains to Bob Marleys house- the drive was gorgeous and it was a really great experience- you got to see the inspirations to his songs and the guides were so chill and fun – Shabba also took us to Scottie’s to eat some amazing Jamaican food – I love jerk sauce and rice and peas- could eat it everyday – they grow scotch bonnet peppers for their hot sauce- it’s sweet, spicy and perfect

Rock was my pillow

Dunns River Falls- (December 2011) we also hiked up Dunns River Falls- it’s a waterfall that you can hike up- its wide which disperses the water so you can actually hike up- you hold hands and it’s super fun and exhilarating- you have to go with a tour group for safety reasons- they will also make a video for you- joe and I still to this day watch it and laugh- it’s so gorgeous- I highly recommend you check it out- they have lockers there as well for your stuff – bring cash! we also took a snorkel trip- not much coral but nice to take a boat out – you can also visit the Blue Hole, horseback riding, bamboo river rafting, river tubing and more!

Negril- (December 2011) Shabba drove us to Negril where we stayed at Tensing Pen Resort – this place is heaven!!! https://www.tensingpen.com/ it’s pricey but worth every penny- we stayed at cove cottage- you can hear the waves from bed and watch the sunset from the patio – there is no TV- it was heaven- it was also my 30th birthday – we got a couples massages, laid in hammocks and joe proposed to me!!!! Negril is more sunsets & cliff jumping- check out Ricks Cafe for cliff jumping, food, cocktails and a good time! you will find lots of hotels on cliffs in Negril that are magical- if you want a beach check out 7 mile beach in Negril