Language- Bahasa Indonesian

Hello- Salam

Good Bye- Selamat tinggal

Thank you- Terima Kasih

Currency- Indonesian Rupiah

Bali- (February 2017) oh Bali- what a magical loving island – the kindest people i have ever met – we fell in love so fast – there is vegan food, yoga classes and cheap massages everywhere

Ubud- Monkey Forest – (February 2017) right in Ubud is the monkey forest- there are a ton of monkeys and these beautiful statues everywhere – it’s a gorgeous walk- the monkeys will grab for purses and backpacks so don’t carry anything on you or hide it under your arm

Ubud- (February 2017) is green with rice terraces and forest – there are lots of Hindu temples here as well- it is also a big yoga destination – we walked to Saraswati temple, watched a cultural performance, went to Tegallalang Rice Field, Tirta Empul, Tegenungan waterfall and stayed with the most amazing family at Masna House- he drove us for all our excursions and picked us up at the airport – rooms were very inexpensive and they served us breakfast every morning on our porch- it was like $100 for the week to stay here

Saraswati temple
Tegallalang Rice Terraces
Tirta Empul
Tegenungan Waterfall
Masna House

Ubud- Bali (January 2020) we went back to Ubud, Bali with our friends Jeff & Bri- we stayed in a 2 bedroom villa with a private pool and outdoor shower for only $50 a couple a night- it was glorious- we went to Saraswati temple, monkey forest, Goa Gajah, Tukad Cepung waterfall & rice terraces – we also ate all the vegan food- we did rent motorcycles to get to Goa Gajah and explore Bali more

Saraswati temple
Monkey Forest
Monkey Forest
Goa Gajah
Tukad Cepung Waterfall

Our villa was so gorgeous with a private pool and outdoor showers!

Gili Trawangan- (February 2017) we took a boat ride to the Gili Islands- there are 3 islands- Gili Trawangan, Gili Meno and Gili Air – they all have great snorkeling and sea turtles everywhere!! Like you can see them in the waves! Gili T is the largest with the night life while the other two are super quiet- we wanted to see some local Indonesia musicians and have some nights out so chose Gili T – we did a super cheap snorkel trip and the snorkeling was incredible- most places in the world the snorkeling is not so great so I don’t say incredible lightly – we also rented petal bikes and explored the island by bike- there are no cars allowed on the island – this island is also great if you want to be learn to dive

We gave this guy our camera and he was so happy he has never had a camera before

Flores Island– (February 2017) we took a flight to Labuan Bajo on Flores Island- from here you can take a boat to Komodo National Park- Flores was not very developed at all in 2017- and just starting to get more tourism- the water is incredible and hands down the best snorkeling we have ever done- we wanted to book an overnight boat trip but could not find anyone offering more than just a day trip- so we did a day trip out to Komodo Island and stopped at 3 places to snorkel- the snorkeling blew our minds

Flores Island- (January 2020) three years later we headed back to Flores- this time dirt roads turned to paved roads and there were overnight boat trips!! So we booked a 2 day trip though we really wanted 3- this time we got to go to Rinca Island, Komodo Island, Pink Beach, swim with manta rays and hike Padar Island- everyone on our boat was super awesome – we woke up super early in the morning and saw a crescent moon 🌙 with Venus and then a dolphin jumped out of water- it was so unreal I started to tear up- I am so grateful I get to have these experiences- then as the sun came up some of our new friends joined us for sunrise – we booked right in town – there are a places to book everywhere- we booked with a bunch of 10 year olds running the place for their parent haha! We paid about $60 a person

Padar Island
Padar Island

After the boat trip was done we were not done hanging with our new friends so did sunset drinks and dinner together – we find a place where the local fishermen bring their catch of the day and they cook it up right at the stall for you

Paradise Bar- great sunsets and night music

Warung Mama- This was also our favorite restaurant in Flores- we went all the time and got beef rendang with rice and veggies

Nusa Penida- (January 2020) this island off of Bali is fricken gorgeous! We rented motorbikes to explore- the roads are narrow with lots of curves so go slower than normal- it’s not a great area to walk as there are no sidewalks- this island is less developed but the beaches are stunning- we rented a villa right on the ocean with outdoor showers- it was insanely gorgeous – we got lucky and they were just renting out rooms but now they only rent as a whole villa – they served us an amazing breakfast each morning

Atuh Beach- we drove our motorcycles to Atuh beach and across the way is Diamond beach- it is a hike down steps to access this beach- down on the beach is beach chairs and food service- it’s a great way to spend the day! Just remember you gotta do the hike back up

Diamond Beach– right by Atuh beach is Diamond beach- they share the same parking lot- it’s another super steep climb down to Diamond beach- it’s challenging to do both beaches in a day cause of the heat and the hikes – Diamond beach does not have food or beach chairs- it’s quieter and more remote – we also biked in so had even more sun on us – next time we would rent a car and do both beaches or one and the tree house