Language- Hawaiian & English

Hello & Good Bye- Aloha

Thank you- Mahalo

Currency- US Dollar

Oahu- (May 2005) Hawaii is magical! It is also the most secluded islands in the world- it is settled by the Polynesians and has eight main Islands- Oahu being one of them – Hawaii was the first time Joe and I went on a plane together! I actually lived in Hawaii for 3 years when I was 2 to 5 years old – my sister and brother were born here- one of my childhood best friends was a teacher in Oahu so we stayed and visited her- Oahu is the capital of Hawaii and the major city here is Honolulu – we explored Waikiki Beach- we went to a Luau and got to make our own flower head bands and necklaces- got destroyed by waves in the North Shore- played local Polynesian music on the radio in our rental car- hiked around and snorkeled at Hanauma Bay – shopped at the swap meet flea market, my mom had called right when we parked and I told her we were at the swap meet flea market and she said she used to take us there all the time as kids – awwww!!!!

Waikiki Beach
Hanauma Bay
Luau with Julie- we made flower headband and necklaces
Chinaman’s hat

Maui- (May 2005) we visited our friend Georgia who was living in Maui at the time- she worked for the Pacific Whale Foundation and hooked us up with some tours https://www.pacificwhale.org/ we did the whale watch tour- we saw a mama and her her baby!!! We also had so many dolphins swimming with our boat and playing in the waves- such an amazing experience- we also did a snorkeling tour in Molokini Island- it was like snorkeling in an aquarium- the water was so clear and the fish and coral amazing- the tiny semi circle horseshoe island just protects the coral and makes the waters calm for snorkeling- we also did a sunset cocktail cruise- thanks Georgia for hooking us up! We also tried to drive to the Road to Hana- with all the waterfalls – but our car got a flat tire and we had to end the day early- so then we just went to the beach and watched the sunset- we had an amazing time in Maui – and would for sure drive the Road to Hana and go to Haleakala next time