Language- Spanish

Hello- Mucho Gusto

Good bye- Adios

Thank you- Gracias

Currency- Guatemalan quetzal

Flores- (November 2012) we wanted to see the ruins of Tikal so Flores was our home base- I really liked this town- it’s quiet and on Lake Peten- i loved all the bright colored homes and got such an amazing tamale & burrito

Tikal- (November 2012) the Mayan ruins of Tikal are amazing- wear good shoes as you will be walking a lot- this place is pretty big- it’s off the beaten tourist path so it’s less crowded and since it’s large everyone is spread out- we hired a private guide who took us around – he was awesome and made our experience so much better

Antigua- (November 2012) oh this town is so beautiful- the cobblestone streets and views of the volcano- cute shops and restaurants- we really loved this city and could of stayed here for a while