Language- French

Hello- Bonjour

Good bye- Au revoir

Thank you- Merci beaucoup

Currency- Euro

Paris, France– (April 2018) My sister and I took our mother on a mother daughters trip and Paris was one of our stops! We spent 3 days in Paris- we stayed in a cute air bnb outside of the city about 15 mins- we took an Uber in and out of the city each day – we walked and ate everything!!! menus are in french and I highly recommend you speak as much french as you can cause you are in France and the locals appreciate it – even just the basics had people be so much more polite to us- most people only speak French as well- and as in any big city watch your bags and jewelry and be careful for scams- always trust your gut – here is our mother daughters trip video

Eiffel Tower- Paris– We of course had to see the Eiffel Tower at night!! We had no idea that is sparkles- I guess every 5 minutes on the hour every hour it sparkles- it’s beautiful – the Eiffel Tower light turns off at 1am- we were told by locals selling wine on the street that it’s ok to drink in the streets- not sure if that’s true but we bought 3 cups of wine from him haha! There is a Ferris wheel by the river and lots of people selling goods and trying to make their hustle – you can during the day or night take a ride down the river and see Paris by water which sounds romantic

Louvre Museum- Make sure you make time for the Louvre Museum – I recommend you spend the whole day here- it’s incredible- there are water fountains and a cafe – there are seats everywhere to take a rest- you will be so wowed and not feel your feet till all of a sudden you are hungry and feet hurt- so take a rest – get some food and keep exploring- you can study a map before you go so you can make sure you see the Mona Lisa and other art you don’t wanna miss – even the outside before you enter the museum is incredible so give yourself plenty of time – you enter through the pyramid – you descend down into the lobby and from there enter into the museum- we went in April so didn’t need to book in advance but make sure before you go

Notre-Dame Cathedral Paris – there was a fire so it now being rebuilt – not sure when it will reopen to the public again

Sainte-Chapelle- oh my gosh if you love stained glass this chapel is a must see for you- it was mind blowing- I took a stained glass class a year before this so my mind was double blown away!! There was a long line to get in get in cause they only let so many people in at a time- but it’s mainly only one room so the line does move- it’s worth it

And no trip is complete without a picnic at the Eiffel Tower- there is a great park that you can lay a blanket down and have a picnic in front of the Eiffel Tower- bring wine and all the French food you craved while planning this trip and enjoy a nice picnic – if you forgot your wine don’t worry people will be walking around selling alcohol- you can also go inside the Eiffel Tower- there is an elevator and stairs