Language- Arabic

Hello- Marhaba

Good bye- Maasalaamah

Thank you- Shukran

Currency – Egyptian pound

Cairo- (November 2010) Egypt has always been a dream of ours! We have always been fascinated by Egyptian history- we had never been to a Muslim country before either- everyone was so kind – even inviting us back to their home- we had never experienced such hospitality like the this before – we had booked a tour group as we were just learning to travel – our group was fun and our guide Micheal was so knowledgeable – we went to the Egyptian Museum and shopped in the bazaar- we were also told to cover up shoulders and knees- but honestly most tourist didn’t- and even if you are you are still likely to get hisses and unwanted attention – the hussle in Egypt is strong and can be overwhelming at times but the history is so incredible

Giza (November 2010) home of the pyramids- there is not much in Giza but the pyramids and the sphinx – but that was in 2010- now they have hotels overlooking the pyramids which seems magical to wake up to- anyone who comes up to you, you will have to pay though- nothing is free not even photos- just keep that in mind – we were able to walk up and touch and climb the pyramids- it was a dream! It is always challenging to quiet everything to really feel it all but do your best and breath!! Lots of tourist, trash and the hussle is strong – Egypt will test your ability to find your peace- but when you do and can visual what it must of been like, it’s so worth it- you can go inside the pyramids as well- inside there is no carvings at all

Aswan (November 2010) we took a sleeper train to Aswan – it is a great way to get to your next destination- sleep your way there! In Aswan we did a lot- we spend a good amount of time in Aswan- we took a boat ride to Philae temple, sunset camel ride along the Nile River, ate at a Nubian Village, went to Abu Simbel, did an overnight Felucca ride down the Nile River, Kom Ombo Temple, & Edfu Temple- Aswan is not to be missed!

Sleeper train to Aswan
Philae Temple- one of my favorites- you take a boat out to the island
Sunset camel ride along the Nile River
Nubian dinner
Abu Simbel
Abu Simbel- crazy they had to move this cause it was starting to sink in the water
Felucca boat down the Nile River
Joe with his three wives- men can sometimes whistle and hassle woman so Mel and Jenn liked to walk with Joe and I- joe told the men we were his three wives so they would let us be- though one guy tried to arm wrestle joe for us haha! And they would offer camels for us
Kom Ombo Temple
Kom Ombo Temple
Edfu Temple

Luxor (November 2010) Luxor was busy with lots of cars honking but has these great rooftop restaurants with views of the Nile and great sunsets- also Karnak Temple is here and is the biggest temple in Egypt and was my favorite – Karnak Temple is the second biggest in the world with Angkor Wat in Cambodia being the biggest- it was incredible- there was even still some color on the walls- we also went to the Valley of the Kings which is a Royal burial ground for the Pharaohs – we could not take photos but it was beautiful and had all the colors still left in the tombs and we went to the Temple of Queen Hapshetsut

Karnak Temple
Karnak Temple
Karnak Temple- got this tattooed on me!
Karnak Temple
Temple of Queen Hapshetsut

Joe tried camel and really liked it – we also went to hookah bars and did some shopping and bought a hookah – alcohol is challenging to get in Egypt as the Muslim culture does not drink- but you can find a bottle of wine here and there

Camel stew

White Desert (November 2010) we took a jeep ride into the white desert- it was so bumpy and fun! I just love being in the desert- We watched the sunset & slept under the stars

Sleeping under the stars

Bahariyya Oasis- we went to a woman’s workshop & the golden mummies tomb

Siwa (November 2010) we explored the old city of Siwa by bike- it was a great way to see Siwa and the old city- we biked to the mountain of the dead- where there are tons of tombs in the mountain- standing on the top you can see all holes were tombs are – the temple of the oracle is here as well- we also biked to Cleopatra Springs- a natural water spring- it’s believed that Cleopatra herself bathed here

Old city of Siwa
Old City of Siwa
Cleopatra Spring
Refreshed after a dip in Cleopatras spring

Alexandria (November 2010) This city sits along the Mediterranean Sea- so lots seafood is eaten here – shop at the Souk- cross the Stanley Bridge & visit the library of Alexandria – this was the end of our trip before heading back to Cairo

The Great Library of Alexandria