Dominican Republic

Language- Spanish

Hello- Hola

Good Bye- Hasta Luego

Thank you- Gracias

Currency- Dominican peso

Punta Cana- (July 2015) we arrived in Punta Cana for our friends wedding- we arrived early so we could stay in town- meet locals and get authentic Dominican food- we met one local who really taught us a lot about the struggles between the Dominican and Haiti – I had no idea

Macaw Beach- We booked a dune Buggy tour and went to Macaw Beach- the water at the beach was so clear and blue- we also jumped into a cave and drank mamajuana- it’s a drink made from rum, red wine and honey- that is then soaked with tree bark and herbs- it’s super yummy – I was thinking a dune buggy tour would be fun but it’s way more fun than I realized !!

Wedding – our friends Uday and Melissa get married!! They will also have a wedding in India after this that sadly we were not able to attend

Ziplining- we also booked a zip lining tour- it was so awesome- at one point we went through trees that created a circle- such a lush jungle to fly through!!!