Language- Khmer

Hello- Joohm reap soo-a

Thank you- Akun

Currency- Cambodian Riel

Phnom Penh- (April 2105) in 1975 the Khmer Rouge murder 2 million people in the 4 years they were in power- today Cambodia is rebuilding their culture, infrastructure and government – traveling through south East Asia- you can feel the effects when entering Cambodia – people are very poor and it’s important to understand why someone might get mad if you don’t use them and they can’t earn money – you will see a lot of kids working the streets and people pocketing your money instead of sending your postcards- you will see how grateful people are for tips and enter very poor areas that will break your heart – but you will also find some of the kindness people- we chose not to go to the killing fields were thousand of Cambodia’s were killed- instead we visited Wat Phnom, the Royal Palace & got cheap massages

Wat Phnom
The Royal Palace
The Royal Palace

Our room was only $15 a night and massages $10 an hour – food is also super cheap – tips are greatly appreciated

Siem Reap– (April 2015) Angkor Temple Complex- most people refer to it as Angkor Wat- but that is just one of 50 different temples with Angkor Wat being the largest – this complex was magnificent- you can book 1, 3 or 5 days when purchasing tickets- we did 3 days- you can hire a tuk tuk for the day for cheap- you can also rent bicycles but it gets crazy hot in Cambodia and I recommend a tuk tuk – there is climbing and lots of walking at each temple complex so I would for sure recommend at least 3 days- there is also lots of food every where – so take your time and eat and enjoy – it’s worth every step – here are the temples we visited….

Angkor Wat Temple- meaning city temple – we visited the first day and then the second day did sunrise here – after sunrise we got pineapple pancakes while looking at Angkor Wat

Bayon Temple- over 200 massive stone faces looking in all directions- it is believed to be the face of a king or a king’s face combined with Buddha – this was one of my favorite temples- I also got a chance to get a coconut after to cool down

Ta Prohm- the trees here grow in and out of the ruins- feels like being in an Indian Jones movie! It’s also a scene from Tomb Raider- this place is super gorgeous

Angkor Thom– meaning great city- your tuk tuk will drive you thought the gate and along the way on both side are 54 god & 54 demon statues

Those are the most seen temples- we also visited Ta Keo, Pre Rup, Preah Khan, Phnom Bakheng, & a couple more

Monkeys!!! There are so many monkeys by the water area of the complex – you can buy lotus seeds and feed the monkeys

Siem Reap nightlife! The nightlife is great- so many restaurants, dance performances, bars, pop up travel bars, and fish spas – my feet are never as soft as after a fish spa ! Our friend from Australia, Hayden joined us for the 4 days we were in Siem Reap- he’s always a great time!

Tray of scorpions
Dance performance with dinner
Boys like to always send me a late night photo
🍄 Mushroom on your pizza 🍄

Tonle Sap Lake– (April 2015) we did a day trip from Siem Reap on the Tonle Sap Lake- we drove by a gorgeous Lotus flower field and saw a really poor section of Cambodia – we got on a boat and went down the chocolate milky lake – there were many house boats and we visited a school boat- we bought and brought the kids rice for their school

Wat Preah Ang Thom – (April 2015) here you will find the reclining Buddha – this is also on the way to Phnom Kulen National Park

Phnom Kulen Waterfall– (April 2015) this waterfall is a great swimming spot in the mountains – there are a lot of locals that come to swim here- we were the only tourist and it was so fun to swim with monks- south East Asia is very modest about swimming clothing- they usually go in, in their clothes – so be mindful as they are not as accustomed to revealing bathing suits- we did this as a day trip from Siem Reap