Language- English

Currency- Australian dollar

Cairns– (February 2020) we have always dreamt of snorkeling the Great Barrier Reef and Cairns is the easiest place to go from- our good friends Hayden and Kirsty live here so we got to spend a week with them- it was so fun! we love them so much!

Great Barrier Reef – the largest coral reef in the world!!! we booked our tour with local aboriginals- they play digaridioos and taught us local songs- it was so fun – I could not believe how beautiful the coral reef was – it was layers and layers of coral reef – diving here would be awesome- they gave us wet suits cause it was stinger season- the most deadly jellyfish lives in Australia- we also saw our first parrot and Nemo fishes! They gave us a lot of time in the water which was a wonderful cause we just didn’t want to leave – best snorkeling in the world for sure

Daintree Rainforests- this rainforest is over 135 million years old and is the oldest rainforest in the world – this is where Barron Falls is- we hiked around and Hayden showed us some ants that had bright yellow butts and if you lick it it taste like lime

Hayden is a tour guide in Australia so it’s fun to get the tour guide side of him – he’s the best!! We met him in South America years ago

Josephine Falls- we took a day trip to Josephine Falls- the water levels were super high and super wild – we also saw our first Cassowary- which is a bird native to Australia

We also explore the curtain fig tree which was amazing- never seen a fig tree that large- Milla Milla falls, Dinner falls, explored beaches, ate tim tams and loved up their dog Chappy- Hayden & Kirsty for sure showed us a good time!

Cairns also has a free pool and grills set up for locals or tourist who want to hang by the ocean